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Heritage Of India konark

The city of Sun Temple

The chariot of the Sun God (Black Pagoda) is washed by the waters of the Bay of Bengal, boasts of the most exquisite specimen of Orissa craftsmanship. According to Rabindranath Tagore, 'The language of stone, defeats the language of man' at the Konark Sun Temple. It was built on the Bay of Bengal in the 13th century AD today, lies almost 2 kms. off the shore. The Black Pagoda to the European sailors, it captivates the spectators' imagination. Constructed by Raja Narasimhadeva, it is an extant example of Indian devotion to the Sun-the God of all Gods, the very source of life itself. In Konark, the 'Natya Mandir', the dance hall of the Sun Temple probably remains as the last remnant of the glorious temples of Orissa, an example of the architectural excellence of the times. Built in the 13th century, a colossal image of the chariot of the Sun, drawn by seven horses and 24 wheels symbolise the division of time. The main tower of Konark stood as high as 227 feet, superceeding both Lingaraja and Jagannath Temples. The Jagmohana (Porch) structure and the tower are both situated atop the stone platform supporting the 24 wheels.

The Konark Sun Temple also houses a Natyamandira or dancing hall. Only two subsidiary temples out of the 22, that were situated inside the temple precints, exist today. The Vaishnadevi Temple and the Mayadevi Temple stand to the west of The towers. The Sun temple of Narasimhadeva is a depiction in stone of the life of those times-royal, social, religious and military. The intricate carvings on the walls and wheels of the chariot are unprecedented in history. The fine sculptures depicting court life, hunting, scenes, celestial deities are epitomes of precision and grace. Graceful sculpture from the world of the Kamasutra, epics of eroticism also adorn the structures. The Sun Temple, standing in solitary splendour is the relic of a great past. The history lovers can regale themselves at the Archaeological Museum at the site of the Konark Sun Temple. The majestic Sun Temple silhouetted against the setting sun remains indelibly etched in the spectator's memory.